Start the day with a good breakfast

- Drinks

The choice is yours! Just choose what you like: coffee, cappuchino, tea, various black and herbal teas, cocoa or drinking chocolate.

In addition, there are various fruit and multivitamin juices at our self-service buffet.



- Fresh bread rolls and bread specialities

No matter whether you like it savoury or sweet. At our breakfast buffet you will find a large selection of rolls every day - whether wholemeal or normal - different types of bread, butter croissants, various coffee pieces, fresh butter and also margarine (low in colesterine).


Hearty: Sausage and cheese

We serve a variety of sausages and cheeses, hearty ham and salami every day. Choose from a breakfast egg (hard) or scrambled eggs with or without bacon strips.

And because we are in Bavaria, a hearty Weißwurst (white sausage) with a fresh pretzel is a must.


Sweets for foodies

Jam, jams, honey, yoghurt, quark and various types of muesli are waiting for all foodies who want to start the day "sweet". A large fruit platter with fresh fruit of the day rounds off our offer.

One more thing: if you miss something, don't hesitate to tell us, because we are anxious to make your holiday as pleasant as possible.


Vegetarian and vegan corner

We offer a small selection of vegetarian and even vegan spreads and foods at our buffet. With various types of muesli, fruit and vegetable creams, your day should also start perfectly!