Indian Summer at the Isarwinkel

Late summer - aptly called Indian Summer in North America - heralds autumn in the mountains with its bright and colourful hues. The nights are noticeably cooler and in the morning a sparkling refreshing "champagne air" awaits the holidaymaker. Ideal to make active use of the day. Sporty in the mountains, for an extensive tour or even by car for an impressive drive. There are endless possibilities.

In the evening, our swimming pool and sauna area invites you to relax in any case.

Autumn at the „Kalvarienberg”

Autumn at the „Kalvarienberg”

Mountains, autumn & „Föhn” are always inviting.

Autumn in the Isarwinkel is particularly suitable for leisure activities. There is often a foehn wind with pleasant temperatures, inviting you to enjoy the summits and the best views. A last hut tour before winter slowly sets in in the high mountains. So you can expect a bit of "white" at the higher altitudes.

This is why cows, goats and horses are driven down from the alpine pastures to the valley at this time of year. we recommend:

- Goats & Goaßnabtrieb in Mittenwald
- Sheep drive in Mittenwald
- Driving down the mountain pastures in Krün
- Alpine pasture drive in Mittenwald
Please note any event cancellations.

River Isar at Vorderiss

River Isar at Vorderiss

Autumn time is Wies'n time.

At the end of September / beginning of October, the cosmopolitan city of Munich invites you to the annual Oktoberfest. The Wies'n - as the people of Munich affectionately call the largest Bavarian folk festival - is something you have to see and experience once in your life. And those who have come to know and love it will always want to come back. Because this is where Bavarian customs and cosmopolitanism come together in a simple and uncomplicated way. Uncomplicated international understanding with a Maß of beer, Brathändl and Boarish mood music.

You don't have to do without this Upper Bavarian tradition in Bad Tölz either. Because regional gastronomy in the Isarwinkel offers a special menu with "Wies'n-Schmankerln and Festmärzen" during this time.

From Bad Tölz, the BOB will take you directly to the city centre of Munich in an uncomplicated and safe way.





Rest in the mountains - enjoying the autumn sun

Other options:

Please note that depending on the weather, there are also many attractive cycling tours. With a little exercise and good clothing, you are also guaranteed not to get cold !

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