Bad Tölz- the historical center in the Isarwinkel

Bad Tölz - historic spa and historical center

Bad Tölz is the center of the Isarwinkel in the heart of Upper Bavaria, which has grown over centuries. The proximity to the mountains and the Isar River, which shapes the landscape, have given the town and the region a typical character. Geologically at the edge of the Alps, climatically as a spa with its famous "champagne air", historically as a grown center in the Isarwinkel and traditionally, because here still a lot of customs are cultivated.

Bad Tölz has preserved many characteristics. A mixture of intact nature and Bavarian way of life and tradition.

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Bad Tölz - as an excursion destination

Visit Bad Tölz and experience the town on the Isar from its most beautiful side:

- Historic market street

- View from the Kalvarienberg to the Isarwinkel

- Walk in the spa district and the surrounding parks

- Isar promenade

- Tölz old town "Gries" with its winding alleys

further recommendations:

- Town parish church, Franciscan church u. Mühlfeld church

- City museum in the hist. Markstraße

- puppet theater at the castle square

- Stop at one of the typical traditional inns

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View to the „Kalvarienberg”

View to the „Kalvarienberg”

Bad Tölz - Discover & Learn to Love Bavaria

Bad Tölz is conveniently located 60 km south of Munich. If you don't find anything to discover here, it's almost your own fault. Not even the weather can be used as an excuse.

Whether your focus is on nature, culture, wellness or traditional customs, within an hour's drive you have plenty to choose from.

King Ludwig - Statue at Kaltenbrunn / Tegernsee

King Ludwig - Statue at Kaltenbrunn / Tegernsee